TeamSpaces for Collaborative workspace

Master collaboration. Embrace efficiency.

In the field of AI development, collaboration is key to success. Be at the forefront with TeamSpaces, a one stop hub that seamlessly blends teamwork and management. 

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Our platform at a glance

The Functionality of TeamSpaces

  • Collaborate through the use of APIs regardless of source.
  • Share your algorithms seamlessly.
  • Manage your organization in an exclusive workspace.
  • Have all your datasets and algorithms in one place.
  • Development to allow for retraining of pre-built algorithms
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Host, Publish and Share

TeamSpaces hosts your models and datasets, provides and manages all the cloud computing and storage necessary for you to deploy and work on the development of your applications without wasting time and effort on maintaining this cloud infrastructure.

This enables the developers to:



Publish and upload models and datasets (Rest API)

TeamSpaces will then convert the uploaded datasets into searchable data microservices for faster access.

Design API doc

Access to the API documentation for internal sharing

TeamSpaces provides ease of use with real-time testing and code snippet tools

Secure APIs

Secure APIs for sharing and access control

TeamSpaces owners will be able to define which organisations and teams have access to the AI APIs, which are for private access only and which are for general sharing.

Search, Discover and Share

TeamSpaces gives you access to all of the available suite of ready-to-use AI APIs from the AI & Data Platform and your own custom models.


Easy Search

Easy Search and Discover APIs

Pre-trained AI models and custom models can be searched based on categories. All models are accessible using APIs.

Share APIs

Share APIs

Based on the subscription package, TeamSpaces owners can opt to show and share only AI microservices they have selected including which custom microservices and models for sharing however you want.

It gives you the flexibility to decide, determine and share the APIs with internal and external teams.

Connect with APIs with Access
Control for security

All models and datasets on TeamSpaces including custom models and datasets

  • Are dockerised and accessible using APIs
  • Access is authorised using an API key and can be controlled using Role-Based Access Control by the TeamSpaces Owner.
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Connect to Public APIs from a Single location

Leverage the TeamSpaces platform to connect to all public APIs.

Monitor Usage

Manage and monitor all of your API subscriptions and connections from with the in-built metering feature.

Free use of 1st 50 API calls

First 50 API calls on the public catalog are free to all team members. Thereafter, each additional API call is charged on an attractive tiered rate on a pay-per-use basis

Access to Analytics Report

Get insights into every API used, right down to the endpoint.

Manage and Access to ready to use APIs on pay-per-use

Team members can access and use the APIs available on the public AI & Data Platform. Each TeamSpaces owner subscribes to a package that gives monthly allocated credits to use and call the APIs from the catalog. For usage above the allocation, simply top-up with a minimum of USD10.00 in your account.

Flexibility of TeamSpaces

Manage. Assign. Control. 

Space owners have a plethora of tools to manage and control the accessibility of each team. Owners have the ability to assign roles, groups, functions and microservices to fit the project needs. 

TeamSpaces is being continuously developed, with incoming features creating powerful combinations boosting productivity and innovation for teams and enterprises.

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TeamSpaces Packages

  • TeamSpaces packages are yours to build and customize as you need.
  • Starting from as low as $200, from as low as 5 developers on the team.
  • Specialised packages like for eCommerce and for Enterprises are available.
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Who is TeamSpaces for?

TeamSpaces is developed with a wide range of companies in mind. Software development teams seeking to gain the ability to collaborate with internal and external parties quickly and smoothly.



For Startups finding it hard to recruit talented Data Scientists or AI Engineers

With TeamSpaces, companies have access to a wide range of ready-to-use AI models to start getting up to speed quickly.

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For Enterprises finding it hard to recruit talented Data Scientists or AI Engineers

With TeamSpaces, Teams of in-house, remote and out-sourced software engineers can collaborate around AI models and datasets.

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For Enterprises with an ecosystem of innovation partners

With TeamSpaces, enterprises can securely share data and AI models via sandboxes to ecosystem partners and facilitate collaboration easily.

TeamSpaces, the future of collaboration

We believe that AI is the future for businesses through more affordable, highly accessible and easy-to-use AI-enabled applications. In addition, we believe that it will make ML Ops and API Ops simpler than ever.

With TeamSpaces, can develop that accessibility, allowing for software development teams to collaborate together in a flexible and secure environment, on a single platform for augmenting algorithms to fit your needs through a seamless blend of in-house and externally contracted models.


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