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Automatic Speech Recognition

This Voice microservice combines Voice Activity Detection feature and Automatic Speech Recognition capabilities. It detects speech in an audio file (.wav format) and transcribes English speech content from the audio stream into text. The transcript text is timestamped for each utterance. An utterance is a continuous piece of speech beginning and ending with a clear pause.




Choose from an array of different language and voices from our text to speech platform to best suit your application's requirements. Enable natural communication with users by empowering your devices to speak humanlike voices. Build an end-to-end voice user interface together and improve user experience with easy and engaging interactions.

Named Entity Recognition

This NLP microservice locates and classifies the named-entities classes from input unstructured English text. The named-entity classes extracted are persons, locations, organisations, and miscellaneous. This microservice automatically extracts structured information from unstructured text data such as chatlogs, emails, news articles, etc.



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