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Revolutionise your business with Enterprise AI builds bespoke solutions using our AI microservices for every industry. Here are some examples.

Manufacturing Industry

Quality Control

Supply Management

Detect and classify defects from images of discrete parts or finished goods using computer vision algorithms for production line automation and improve the productivity of inventory analysts.

Improve business operations through real-time tracking, analytics, and optimisation to inventory holding costs, improve cash flow, and supply chain visibility.

Retail Industry

Promotion & Category Optimisation

Drive sales by developing a retail analytics platform to analyse consumer behaviour and gain meaningful insights and find out underlying consumer trends. 

Demand & Inventory Management

Improve demand forecast accuracy with fresh datasets to create an anticipatory approach to shopper needs and preferences that transforms their experiences. 

Media & Content Industry

Domain Optimisation

Transcribe audio content into text in the same language or into another language for localisation of content to audiences in different countries and languages.

Subtitling & Content Management

1. Transcribe real-time live-streaming events and efficiently add subtitles to dramas, documentaries and other video content to improve viewers' user experience including for hearing-impaired audiences.

2. Convert textual content into a natural-sounding audio format using Voice AI. Useful applications for voice-enabled virtual assistants in customer service centres and other services & marketing - related industries.

 Fintech Industry

Information & Document Management

Extract and classify information from documents like PDF & unstructured data, graphs
& charts from documents like Financial Reports and more.

Knowledge-Base Management

Enable large organisations with voluminous documents and reports to institutionalise their organisational knowledge through an easy search and retrieve system using AI to process structured and unstructured data from heterogeneous sources of documents.


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