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We would like to leave our mark on humanity by bringing the powers of AI to help people work

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Artificial Intelligence is going to change humanity in a big way in the coming years. We want to be able to not only be part of this sweeping change but to harness the power of AI, fuelled by voluminous quality data, for the good of humanity and society. The major challenge in benefiting society at large with artificial intelligence is that building AI applications are hard today as it requires specialised skill sets that take many years to acquire and learn.

The hiring process for interns is usually around 1 - 2 weeks and 4 - 6 weeks for full-time staff. Through our hiring process and interview, we hope to be able to learn more about you and your interest in the job role that you have applied for. At the same time, you will learn more about the company.

Feel free to ask any questions or queries that you might have about us or the position.


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"Being part of, one of the best decisions that I made in my life, I just fell in love with the culture, energy, and there was just a vibe that I wanted to be a part of. It's just someplace where I can never imagine myself getting bored because we are thinking about our customers and a lot of impacts that you can have on their projects and it is just really gratifying.

As part of the Science & Research team, I get to design & architect workflows, develop microservices, try new tools & technologies and implement them in different ways, really going beyond your skillset that you think you have at the moment, and push the boundaries. So when I show up at work, I'm able to do all the things that I love: solving hard problems, working for the people that I manage, and that makes it worthwhile for me to show up every day.

The part that makes it really fun is there are so many teams across that have amazing expertise, and I get to work with these people, not only build something with them, but I learn so much. Everyone here is nice and encouraging, so that’s very reassuring to be in a company where people value you.

Why Meaningful work, constant learning, brilliant people, and core values that promote quality, creativity, and opportunity in everything we do. I am very lucky to be a part of the family."

Divya Dilipkumar, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

"I am truly fortunate to have been part of this amazing team at as a marketing intern, and my 7 months here, which includes a 1-month extension, has been exciting, challenging, and very fulfilling. For interns looking to be challenged, and to learn and grow, I believe that the place to be.

The team at is also highly experienced and very willing to share their wisdom with the interns. I have benefitted so much from the wealth of knowledge that this team possesses, not just from the department I was at, but also from the other departments. From marketing & sales to product development to go-to-market, to tech & AI, having access to capable experts from these various fields who are so ready to share their insights was a privilege I greatly cherished. 

Thank you to the team at for letting me be a part of this, and I greatly enjoyed working here with all of you!"

Isaac Tan, Marketing Executive Intern

NUS, School of Business & School of Computing

Bachelor Degree in Business & Computer Science

"This internship has definitely been extremely rewarding in terms of how much I have learnt. Just by doing this internship, I have learnt many things that I would not have been able to learn on my own. 

My mentors were there for me throughout my time here, guiding me and helping me to understand anything that I was unsure of. It really made it a lot easier for me to learn. holds weekly Academy Talks which I have found to be very helpful in exposing me to the different disciplines such as marketing-related content and more. 

I really enjoyed working with my direct supervisor and team. Despite only being in for 4 months, my team has invested their time and effort into ensuring that my time here has been a fulfilling journey. I am very thankful to my team for their patience and understanding towards me.

Benedict Chua, Science & Research Intern

NUS, School of Computing

Bachelor Degree in Computer Science

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