Technology Partnership Programme

R&D Partners

Join us at the forefront of AI to develop market leading innovations to meet industry problems with our leading-edge Science and Research Team.


Meet our core R&D drivers’s in-house Science & Research team curates all microservices for quality performance alongside seasoned in-house software engineers guarantee suitability for real industry applications.

Dr Weina Du
Head of Science & Research

Over 10 years' experience in AI Research and Development. Skilled in data analysis, machine learning and enterprise ML application

Priya Somasundaram
Engineering Director

Highly experienced in full-stack IT Engineering and team leadership


Commitment towards R&D as an investment is committed to investing in the R&D of AI microservices that possess excellent performance and high levels of domain specificity

With stronger R&D, we believe that we will be able to see improvements in the AI climate as we work together!

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