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Introducing the Pulse of the Heartland (POTH)
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What is Pulse of the Heartland?



Pulse of the Heartlands (POTH) is a programme by HDB that aims to use smart technologies and data analytics to develop an ecosystem of applications and services that will be "useful to residents"

HDB is pleased to partner with, who is the AI and data analytics provider of the POTH programme. is appointed to develop this ecosystem that will make use of HDB data and leverage AI capabilities. 

Through’s platform, it is an easy way to retrieve database of retail and commercial outlets in Singapore, which organisations can leverage on these data and AI capabilities to create more meaningful business applications.

In running this programme, is looking for potential collaborators to come on board to use the various data sets that are available, such as the basic demographic information of the area, list of amenities in the HDB towns and estates, to develop a new app or service or further improve an existing one.'s data analytics capabilities can help to give you accurate and fresh insights to make informed data-driven business decisions that will benefit your customers and the residents.  




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POTH Membership Program


Access to POTH Analytics Dashboard

Exclusive access to our analytics dashboard for our partners to improve business operations

Enhanced data visualisation 

Combine data sources for accurate and fresh insights to make informed data-driven decisions

Unlimited usage of's AI microservices 

Choose between various membership models for a special package applicable to our partners 


What data is available?


HDB Amenities


HDB Carparks


HDB Commercial Shops


HDB Demographics


HDB Flat Ownership


HDB Residential Sales


HDB Residential Rental


HDB Season Parking

Possible Use Cases


Find ideal locations for shops and services with demographic data


Access the HDB Demographic dataset to understand which blocks, streets are ideal to set up new brick-and-mortar shops or to draw out a precise service area to best serve your customers.

The dataset contains important demographic info such as gender, age and number of residents at fine-grained detail, down to street and even block level.


Create a complete directory of neighbourhoods


Combine multiple datasets, such as the database of Hardcourts, Carparks, Commercial Shops, Shelters and more to create an all-in-one directory for your users.

You can also include recommendation features to find the nearest amenities.

How to access the HDB Data


Connect to selected data via API Calls

Memberships are limited by industry type for the POTH Programme. We invite you to apply to be a member under the POTH Programme. 

Download the schema now to see what is available and find out how to participate in the programme.


Download the Data Schema


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