Computer Vision

Object Detection

Detect and classify objects appearing in your input images instantly.

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object detection

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in 3 simple steps

Select your AI Microservice

Browse our platform and choose from our catalogue of pre-trained AI microservices that best meets your use case.

Embed API code into your app

Authenticate the selected microservice, and embed the API code into your application

Ready to run

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with accurate pre-trained models


Model pre-trained for your use case

Swiftly detect objects and classify them into their respective classes

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Integrate quickly and easily

Straightforward API implementation with detailed documentation and responsive technical support

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Scale automatically as you grow

Pay only as you use with per-API-call pricing allowing you to scale up or scale down anytime

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Use Cases

Gain insights from digital images to improve competitiveness

Our clients such as Daido Steel have successfully used our Object Detection services to automate their quality control process in manufacturing, improving efficiency and resource management.

Easily identify objects in digital images

Use our Object Detection microservices to help find products of interest within images and visually search product catalogs. leads.

Predict where each object is in the image coordinates

Easily categorise objects with their classes and bounding boxes and help users identify daily objects that they may need aid in recognising.




Sentient.io helped my team in drama subtitling, It cut transcription time by 6x and made their lives literally better. I'm glad to say that the solution has been put into production and my team has been using it happily.

- Willy Tan, Digital News Team Lead, Mediacorp




your App Development


Take advantage of AI & Utility microservices to free up time for your application's key features.

Here is a sample use case of analysing digital images, for example an image of a tourist attraction.

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Platform Agnostic


Our microservices are platform agnostic and can be easily built into your application whether you are working on javascript, python, xamarin, java, unity, node js or others.


Industry Proven Algorithms


Our platform contains pre-trained, industry-proven object detection models.

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Named Entity Recognition

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