Technology Partner Program

API Ready Partners

Bring your technology to market and host AI solutions as ready-to-use API microservices on our AI and Data Platform.

API Ready Partners

Tap on our extensive network

Leverage our network of users and enterprise clients to market your solutions accelerate the distribution of your market solutions with our rapidly growing global user base.


Global Platform User Base


Consultant Partnerships


Curated Marketing Support


Unlock Critical Customer Insights

Leverage the power of using analytics to further augment your technology offerings to cater to user demands.

Track relevant usage statistics, metrics and user feedback with our dedicated dashboards to unlock valuable insights.

Flexible Technology Offering

Our strategic flexibility allows you to meet your constantly evolving customer needs via our AI and Data Platform

Mix & Match Functionality

Our platform enables users to integrate their market solutions with other API Microservices and Datasets to augment their applications.

Generate custom market solutions by hand-picking different APIs and Datasets per your user requirements to bring even greater value to end-users.


Curated Datasets

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API Microservices


Curated Datasets

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API Microservices

Plug & Play Functionality

Your IP and AI services are well protected from conflict with enterprise applications.

Our AI microservices are managed centrally and exposed to enterprise applications via REST and web socket APIs.

Flexible Pricing Strategy

Choose from a variety of pricing options based on your customer demand forecast to fuel your business growth and profit potential

Pay Per-Use (Per API Call)

Purchase AI microservices and datasets and pay-per-use

Subscription Packages

Subscription packages are offered to volume users

Platform Licensing

On-premise and private cloud deployment for enterprises

Customizable Project w/ Licensed modules

Pay only as you use with per-API-call pricing allowing you to scale up or scale down anytime

Accelerate Business Innovation provides a highly extensile platform alongside frequent addition of new AI microservices  to meet your constantly evolving business needs.

Bridge data science capabilities

Purchase our technology partner’s ready-made datasets to help you develop innovative data science solutions and products.

Enhance co-innovation

Bring your datasets and technology to market via our AI and Data Platform, and participate in our vibrant AI ecosystem.

Enhance existing applications

Augment your enterprise applications with AI capabilities and data via our platform’s APIs, to help lead generation and cost reductions.

Thank you for your interest in our Tech Partnership programme. Register with us to schedule a conversation.