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Sentient’s AIaaS is a platform created to help software developers easily and quickly discover and embed AI algorithms in their applications. There is no need to provision compute or data storage infrastructure to run these complex algorithms, they all run as-a-service, users only pay for usage.

Many different types of industry specific AI algorithms have been provisioned, including digital assistants for retail and travel, inventory optimization, credit scoring, and so on. Many more are being added weekly!


Deep learning abilities through combination of innovative technologies and APIs from global industry players for software creation with cognitive skills such as perception, understanding, self-learning and problem-solving.


Easy single platform allows software developers to quickly and easily embed use case AI models, both pre-trained and data-driven, into applications. Serving up use cases in relevant micro-services.


Empowering Businesses and Enterprises to deliver superior consumer experiences in terms of ease of use, convenience, productivity, engagement and cost.
We deliver positive client outcomes and value.


Knowledge Model. Pre-training couldn’t be easier. Automated Sentient.io Customer Profiling system simply ingests knowledge documents and web pages. Our repository interweaves structured and unstructured database of information, connects concepts and related subjects to match output requirements.

Knowledge Evolution. Designed to enhance fundamental analytic tools out there today, our system self-learns over time to identify individual characteristics and collective trends of end-users. Real-time, in-depth analytics at your finger tips.

Use Cases. Digital Assistants. Financial Compliance. Smart Farming.


With the creation of AI-powered software solutions made easy, we recognise its benefits are only as powerful as the
natural-user-interface methods in concatenating seamless human and computer interactions.

  • Text
    Most commonly deployed format is chat bots that interacts with users through text exchanges. Dashboards, notifications, emails, and analytic reports are examples of other interactive forms.
  • Visual
    At Sentient.io, accessibility to automated self-learning image recognition technology is no longer science-fiction for high-level AI solutions in real applications.
  • Voice
    Augmented living becomes second-nature reality with more and more solutions offering voice interface communication channel.
    At Sentient.io, we take it a level higher with voice-biometric deep learning ability.


Apart from the availability of public and private pre-packaged data in the Sentient data platform, we also help bring your data in order. Your data is decoupled from applications, making it easier to aggregate data from different sources. Your data may also be packaged so that it is ready for monetisation, creating an unlimited and valuable revenue source for you. Your data can now be traded as a commodity. On our Platform, your data will be cleaned, correlated and aggregated with similar data from related establishments, seasonal data and other trending data, to create better insights for both you and your customers.

From our dynamic infrastructure, information can be delivered to users, on demand, in a timely and affordable manner, regardless of geographical location or organization and in the process present customers with unique opportunities. The users’ applications need only access to the DaaS services layer via REST APIs to obtain a consistent and interconnected source of information.


Founded on the belief to improve everyday life by making human and machine interactions more natural and pervasive. Sentient.io is Singapore’s first Artificial Intelligence AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) platform. We are ready and equipped to develop complex industry-specific, and end-user centric business technology solutions.

We are venture funded, counting A*ccelerate, the commercialisation arm of A*STAR – Singapore’s lead public sector agency for science, research and development, as one of our equity partners.

News Flash! Sentient.io officially launched under A*ccelerate A*STAR Venture Co-Creation on 16th August 2017, at Singapore Media Exploits 2017.
Channel NewsAsia

16 August 2017 mediacorp, Channel 5 News5Tonight Business
17 August 2017 Article, Business expenditure on R&D grew 8% yearly from 2010 to 2015: Heng Swee Kiat

Christopher Yeo – The Architect, CEO

Visionary and veteran with over 28 years in experience, he is often leading the charge in pioneering work within the IT and enterprising industry. He has led a software supply chain solutions provider to international acclaim for Fortune 500 companies. He is most recently known for his enterprising inceptions, aSpecial Media Pte Ltd and stewardship positions in Singapore Press Holdings, NUS Enterprise and A*ccelerate A*STAR.

The Engineers

Bringing together over decades of unparalleled experience and knowledge, leading PhD researchers, technology gurus and innovation scientists work along side software engineers to create AI magic.

Always inspired to dream. Passion drives us.
We journey with our partners. Winning together!